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61, 62 [Aug. 28th, 2006|12:46 pm]
Watch it, Review it, Get to 100.


Film Title: The Omen
Starring: Gregory Peck, David Warner, Billie Whitelaw, Harvey Stephens
Director: Richard Donner
Genre: Horror
Approx Length:111 mins
Rating of the film, F- [worst] to A [best].: B
Short description/summary of the film: A couple finds out their kid is the Antichrist.

My thoughts: A lot less scary than I thought it would be, it seems to put a lot of focus on the deaths that take place. It's almost like they're just milking them for all they're worth and ignoring a lot of the rest of the story. This story could get REALLY involved, but it stays on the surface. A man and woman are having a baby but the baby is stillborn. The kid is replaced with another little boy whose mother has died in childbirth. Creepy things start happening when said kid turns 5. People die mysteriously and an ugly Rottweiler starts stalking the house (and probably pooping in the yard.) Damien, the son of the devil, seems really oblivious to everything going on around him. He's largely well, missing from the film. The focus is on the parents and the priest and the journalist who are all trying to figure out what is going on. We don't actually see Damien all that much. It could have been better, but I still don't think the remake gave us an improvement. They simply copied what had already been done (what is the use of that?). I would prefer this original version because ain't NO kid gonna capture the essence of evil like Harvey Stephens does.

Film Title: Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning
Starring: Katharine Isabelle, Emily Perkins, Nathaniel Arcand
Director: Grant Harvey
Genre: Horror
Approx Length: 94 mins
Rating of the film, F- [worst] to A [best].: B-
Short description/summary of the film: Set in 19th Century Canada, Brigette and her sister Ginger take refuge in a Traders' Fort which later becomes under siege by some savage werewolves.

My thoughts: Hmm. I didn't like the first Ginger Snaps and I DID like the second one. This one's sort of odd because it gives you a different origin of the whole werewolf mythology established in the first two. So it's not really a prequel because the two "after" it don't follow it. It also takes place in the 1800's, so Ginger and Brigette would be very old women in the first Ginger Snaps if that were the case. The film is very bleak and cold looking, suspenseful and creepy. The Hunter is a hottie which of course makes the film worth watching;) There's this unbreakable bond between Ginger and Brigette that kind of defies logic. Emily Perkins gets on my nerves because she has a strange mouth and always looks like someone's got their fist up her butt. Some of the effects were cheap looking (like Ginger's hair later in the film.) Overall a fun film to watch late at night for a kick.

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[User Picture]From: thepixieinside
2006-08-29 02:49 am (UTC)
You really need to see the remake of The Omen, just to compare and contrast. Surprisingly, I liked them both about the same, even though the original death scene for the mother was classic!!!
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