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view_100's Journal

Watch it, Review it, Get to 100.
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Welcome to View 100!

View 100 is the community that encourages you to watch new movies. Our goal is to have every watch 100 movies and review them on here. For some people This task is easy but for others it's one of the hardest things to do. People like me will have no problem filling this community with revies and others will have trouble getting past 30. But If you really love movies you will want to do this.

You can review any feature length film that you have seen since June 1st. By next year we hope everyone will have reviewed 100 films. The point is to view new films and get them reviewed. We will allow you to review films you have previously seen but those films will not count toward your 100. If there is a movie you want to tell us about (or to avoid) then review it and make it fun for everyone. The point is to get the information out there.

Short Films do not count unless they are a part of a larger film (Think Four Rooms).

Any Spoilers need to be labled and put behind a cut so that you do not ruin a film for anyone who has not seen it.

We want diversity so try and see movies you wouldn't normally see. I'm sure with a large group of people with different taste we will get a lot of different films talked about on here.

When reviewing a film please put it in this format:

Film Title:
Approx Length:
Rating of the film, F- [worst] to A [best].:
Short description/summary of the film:

My thoughts:

Next to View:

Have fun and any questions or comments please contact either of the mods.

AIM: SongForEvilTimes
E-Mail: izzyhawt@gmail.com

AIM: thetinclover03
E-Mail: thetineclover03@aol.com