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#2-#5 - Watch it, Review it, Get to 100. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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#2-#5 [Jul. 6th, 2006|09:19 am]
Watch it, Review it, Get to 100.
#2 Film Title: American Wedding (unrated)

Starring: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Seann William Scott, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Fred Willard and Eugene Levy

Director: Jesse Dylan

Genre: Comedy

Approx Length: 1 hr. 44 mins.

Rating of the film, F- [worst] to A [best].: D-

Short description/summary of the film: (from the cover) You’re on the guest list-for this UNRATED American Wedding, the version you couldn’t see in theaters! The American Pie gang returns to wreak havoc with a new rite of passage when Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) decide to get married! Of course Stifler (Seann William Scott) will be there (bridesmaids!) and , more importantly will throw the ultimate bachelor party (strippers!). So RSVP for the outrageously UNRATED American Wedding experience, in this hilariously hot, frantically funny final chapter of the unforgettable American Pie saga!

My thoughts: This movie. Was. Horrible. Funny, yet absolutely tasteless and horrible…the only reason it merits above an F is because there was actually some funny parts…however….there was one scene in this movie that ACTUALLY MADE ME THROW UP ALL OVER MY COFFEE TABLE!!! (if you’ve seen it, you know exactly what I’m talking about…) Anyway, the only reason I’ve seen it more than once, is because my fiance has THAT sort of sense of humor (lol) and he puts it in….lol

Next to View: I don’t know….


#3 Film Title: Summer Catch

Starring: Freddie Prinze, Jr., Jessica Biel

Director: Mike Tollin

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Approx Length: 104 mins.

Rating of the film, F- [worst] to A [best].: B

Short description/summary of the film: (from cover) “America’s two national pastimes – baseball and romance – are in play in this Bull Durham-styled comedy romance. Freddie Prinze Jr. (She’s All That) plays Ryan Dunne, a lawnboy hoping for greener pastures after he joins an elite Cape Cod summer league that’s been a career stepping-stone for many big-league players. Jessica Biel (7th Heaven) portrays Tenley Parrish, a wealthy Vasaar grad vacationing on the Cape. He loves her. She loves him. But there’s a catch. Tenley’s family thinks romance with a blue-collar guy is strictly minor-league. With plenty of diamond heroics, hot soundtrack tunes and a likable array of talents portraying fun-loving Jocks, Jills and townies, this summer is quite an entertainment catch.

My thoughts: It’s a cute movie, and I enjoyed it throroughly! It was so great to hear my hometown of Batavia, NY mentioned at the end! They even mentioned the local minor-league baseball team of Batavia called the Muckdogs! I was so shocked that a movie with a big-name cast actually chose such a small-town team to name in their movie! Anyway, it’s a good, fun movie, with a great cast…

Next to View: Haven’t decided yet!


#4 Film Title: The Sandlot

Starring: Tom Guiry, James Earl Jones

Director: David Mickey Evans

Genre: Family Comedy

Approx Length: 101 mins.

Rating of the film, F- [worst] to A [best].: A+

Short description/summary of the film: (from the cover) It’s the early 1960’s and fifth-grader Scotty Smalls (Tom Guiry) has just moved into town with his folks (Karen Allen and Denis Leary). Kids call him a dork-he can’t even throw a baseball! But that changes when the leader of the neighborhood gang recruits him to play on the nearby sandlot field. It’s the beginning of a magical summer of baseball, wild adventures, first kisses, and fearsome confrontations with the dreaded beast and its owner (James Earl Jones) who live behind the left field fence. Soon nine boys have become best friends, Scotty is part of a team, and their leader has become a local legend in this hilarious and warmhearted comedy.

My thoughts: This movie never gets old. I’ve seen it a hundred times and I will see it a million more before I die. It’s absolutely fantastic, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves those cute past time movies that just warm your heart!

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#5 Film Title: The Sandlot 2

Starring: Max Lloyd Jones, James Willson, Samantha Burton, Brett Kelly, Greg German and James Earl Jones

Director: David Mickey Evans

Genre: Family Comedy (but I use the term “comedy” loosely)

Approx Length: 97 minutes

Rating of the film, F- [worst] to A [best].: F

Short description/summary of the film: (from the cover) From the director of The Sandlot comes this fun-filled sequel that proves the power of teamwork and celebrates the magic of friendship. Ten years after the original story, the local dirt field is now “home” to a new group of neighborhood kids who get together to share laughs, show off…and play ball! But the gang faces their toughest challenge as they try to retrieve an irreplaceable model rocket that lands in Mr. Mertle’s (James Earl Jones) backyard behind left field – A forbidden territory guarded by a legendary growling slobbering beast known as “The Great Fear”.

My thoughts: The Biggest waste of 15 bucks, 97 minutes, and the worst sequel ever! It’s almost a carbon-copy of the first one…ALMOST…with cheesy characters, lousy dialogue, and the same friggin plot. If I wanted to see the movie again, I would put in my DVD and watch it again…not shell out 15 more bucks to buy a cheesy version of one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen…The Sandlot 2 is a complete waste of time and money….I can’t believe the SAME guy that had the creativity to write such a great movie as the Sandlot has the AUDACITY to “write” the same movie as a sequel, and cast lame characters the 2nd time around…Really. Don’t. Watch. It!!!

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